A small device that attaches to your weapon to improve aiming.


Adds 20% bonus damage and 15% increased attack speed. 

Location/Time of OccurenceEdit

The AA spawns in one of the original weapons caches with the Kevlar Body Armor.  It can also be found as a random orbital drop during the game.


Although the AA can be used by any class, it is preferred on the high DPS MOS.  These include the Cyborg, Automatic Rifle, and Squad Designated Marksman.  In addition, both the Rifleman and the Ghost may be added to this list when they are using the SI Veteran.

Preference among these MOSs is for the highest DPS MOS to have an AA first, typically whichever has Veteran. However, it is also important to balance the spread of DPS throughout the squad.  Thus it is preferable for two DPS to each have an item (one a weapon, one an AA), than for one of them to have both an AA and a weapon.


Somewhat common during the game, anywhere from 5-10 are typically found over a 1.5 hour game.