Calls in a AH-25 Hunter to destroy enemies in the area for 18 seconds.

Energy Cost: 195

Cooldown: 300

Tips and tactics.Edit

AWT spawns from the top left of where 'you had called it, and moves in a "V" or "L" pattern before going off, so try to put that into consideration when calling it, it's not that difficult and you will master it after a few tries. To call the AWT  in effectively, you will have to learn mission times where spawns climax, by this I mean when shit gets serious, here are some examples of when shit gets serious in UA3 lol.

Screenshot2013-05-31 02 58 54

AWT called in to deal with ares.

- During farmer, when mass gluttons and curssed shows up.

- During convoy, when arach joins for the party.

- Escorting saber 6, when ares starts jumping on every one.

- When you are defending a TCP all by your own (which is likely to happen if your teammates just doesnt want to go to one place)

An AWT during these times can help lift the load off your team and prevent a wipe occuring (whole team dies)