-Soldier SkillsEdit

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-Frag GrenadeEdit

Level 1: Damage: 400, Energy Cost: 105, Cooldown: 30 sec

Level 2: Damage: 650, Energy Cost: 95, Cooldown: 25 sec

Level 3: Damage: 900, Energy Cost: 85, Cooldown: 20 sec

Level 4: Damage: 1200, Energy Cost: 70, Cooldown: 15 sec


Each level increases movement speed by 0.5 and improves cloaking delay.

Level 1: Unlocks field camera (Q) and disarm (X in additional actions Z)

Level 2: Unlocks binoculars (W) and flare gun (V in additional actions Z)

Level 3: Unlocks laser designation (E) and motion sensor (G in additional actions Z)

Level 4: Unlocks heartbeat (passively pings tier 1 hostile on the minimap), claymore (C in additional actions Z), and Call For Fire (F)

Recommended Skill IdentifiersEdit

Primary SI: LightArmor / TwinkieToes

Secondary SI: Instructor / Hawkeye

Recommended BuildEdit

Marksmanship 1 > Reconnaissance 4 > Soldier Skills 3 > Marksmanship 4 > Soldier Skills 4

Use claymores instead of leveling frag grenade. Call For Fire should only be used to take out morbus, apiary, horror, or PMC snipers. Leave the other uses of CFF to the Fire Support Specialist.

radius 2, interval 0.2

shell 2 for morbus, shell 1 for snipers or turrets, shell 5-7 if you are fighting horror by yourself.