-Soldier SkillsEdit

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-Cluster RocketsEdit

Fires a group of rockets that deal 150-180 damage per rocket and stun enemies in the target area, temporarily immobilizing them. Each level increases number of rockets and decreases energy cost and cooldown time.

Level 1 - 3 Rockets, 75 Energy, 30 cooldown

Level 2 - 5 Rockets, 70 Energy, 26 cooldwon

Level 3 - 7 Rockets, 65 Energy, 22 cooldown

Level 4 - 9 Rockets, 60 Energy, 18 cooldown


Level 1: paralysis trap

Level 2: IS-bot, one sentry gun, and MMG mount option

Level 3: flamerthrower mount option

Level 4: improved IS-bot, two sentry guns, and .50 cal mount option

-Engineering SkillsEdit

each level improves the mechanical stat

Level 1: repair and disarm

Level 2: Arc Cell (built-in mini energy cell) and Flash (3.2 sec single-target stun)

Level 3: Barricade (attracts zombies)

Level 4: Satchel Charge (activate by disarming it)

To effectively use the satchel charge, use barricades and flash to stall the zombies inside the blast radius.

Recommended Skill IdentifiersEdit

Energetic +  Instructor / Intelligence

Recommended BuildEdit

If you're going EN + IN / TT

Security 4 > Engineering Skills 2 > Soldier Skills 2 > Engineering Skill 3 > Rockets 1 > Soldier Skills 3

If you're going EN + WK

Security 1 > Rockets 1 > Soldier Skills 2 > (Security 2) > Engineering Skills 4 > Soldier Skills 3 > Rockets 4

Thalim defence with SFAAT build:

Go PU (if WO) /EN + TT (survivability) / DS (if want to rush satchel) / IS (if SFAAT dont have IS) / BL (if SFAAT dont have BL) / IT (if your running EN)

Engineering Skills 3 > Security 3 > (Rockets 1) > Security 4 > Soldier Skills 1 > (Engineering Skills 4) > Soldier Skills 2 > Anything you want (Soldier Skills for survivability or Rockets for TK area increase)

Notes: PU runs great with engi's Arc Cell, no need for AR cuz ur gonna get to lvl 3 fast if you stay near east thal, Rockets if you dont have frags or mgl to blow up explosives (can get rockets anyways for stun), please Satchel away from Thal (graveyard is fitting name for satchel placement), never get PU or AR if you have stuff in your inventory cause there is no space for them to spawn, barricade frequently (and learn pathing to confuse mobs), SFAAT lns out dps turrets therefore the barricades first build