DPS, shorthand for Damage Per Second, is a representation of a MOS's ability to deal single target damage via his/her weapon.  It is used to compare the potential of MOSs to eliminate high hitpoint targets.

DPS by Class (WIP)Edit


  • Rifleman
  • Calvary Scout with Steel Saber SI
  • Platoon Leader
  • Javelin Gunner and Medic

Automatic GunnersEdit

  • Automatic Rifleman
  • Cyborg (however, max DPS potential reached as early as level 7, faster than AR's)


  • Combat Engineer

Plasma RifleEdit

  • Ghost

Designated MarksmenEdit

  • Squad Designated Marksmen

Calculating DamageEdit

Damage ItemsEdit

  • Weapons (HK42, Styner BR-2, M5 MAR, SOF-AR, M241 MMG, M79 Flamethrower, M92 Torrent)
  • Aim Assistant (AA)
  • Armor Piercing (AP) Rounds
  • Depleted Uranium (DU) Rounds
Damage = (Base+HK)*(1+.02*DEX+.01487*RANK+WEP+AA+AP+DU+VT+CSM)

Calculating Attack SpeedEdit

Attack Speed ItemsEdit

  • Weapons (HK42, US MCR, M41 SAW, M135 Minigun, M79 Flamethrower, ISS-7, IDMR-2, IPR)
  • Aim Assistant (AA)
Attack Speed = Base/(1.01^DEX*WEP*AA*CSM)

Calculating DPSEdit

Once Damage and Attack Speed have been determined, the DPS calculation becomes quite simple.