The Gargantuan is a very pesky Tier-1 Hostile. It has enough movement speed to make kiting relatively difficult, and does a substantial amount of damage. The Gargantuan has less life than most Tier-1 hostiles, and smaller in scale, which makes it harder to hit with rockets, or other special projectiles.


Type: Armored, Biological, Massive

Abilities: Keen Sense(Detection)

Base Movement Speed: 2.82

Base Damage: 150-190

Difficulty Life Armor Movement Speed Weapon Speed Range Damage
Recruit 0 1.2 Melee
Normal 18531 ^ 2.9 ^ ^ 150-190
Hard 19890 ^ 2.94 ^ ^ 150-190
Insane ^ ^ ^
Nightmare ^ ^ ^

Combat TacticsEdit

Gargantuans are large and imposing targets, and are a step up from Gourmands in the field. They move faster than a player's base level movement speed and have enough power to kill a fully healthy player in two hits (base health). Their reach is farther than their model would imply, so remaining a respectable distance during kiting is advised.

Made worse is the fact that they tend to show up at the worst times during missions (during Guslani evacuation, Saber 6 escort, etc.) Kiting will be more difficult with friendly AI soldiers in the vicinity, and can complicate the use of heavier ordinance to dispose of the Gargantuan.

Standard tactics to eliminate this sub-boss are recommended whenever possible. Javelin Anti-Tank Rockets, Call For Fire (any relevant class), AWT (choppers) or other high damaging abilities are usually sufficient to bring them down. Concentrated fire from a well equipped Automatic Rifleman or Cyborg (or both) will widdle their hit points down with surprising speed.

Gargantuans have their pathing set to ground, meaning they can be temporarily evaded by jumping down an elevation (something they themselves cannot do). Their route will update to take them to the nearest ramp, and give a player some much needed time to escape or ready an attack. Their ground pathing also makes them susceptible to a Flamethrower's Gravity Grenades, immobilizing them for up to nine seconds and allowing a team to damage them safely from a distance without fear of being chased and eaten.