The Gourmand is a common Tier-1 hostile that appears throughout the game. It is a durable opponent, requiring concentrated firepower or multiple rockets to take down. In contrast, the gourmand is very slow, making it exceptionally easy to kite or escape from. Because of this, the Gourmand is actually the least threatening of all Tier-1 hostiles; despite its massive size.


Type: Armored, Biological, Massive

Abilities: Keen Sense(Detection)

Base movement speed:2.2

Base Damage:170-205

Modified movement speeds and attack damage in respect of difficulty modifiers (Ex: Recruit Movement speed:2.2-0.09=2.11)

Difficulty Life Armor Movement Speed Weapon Speed Range Damage
Recruit 13319 0 2.11 1.8 Melee 183.67-221.42
Normal 21426 ^ 2.27 ^ ^ 217.4-262.16
Hard 22998 ^ 2.3 ^ ^ 234.41-282.68
Insane ^ ^ ^
Nightmare ^ ^ ^

Combat TacticsEdit

Gourmands are the most common and least threatening of all Tier 1 enemies. That said, they are still capable and tenacious foes capable of killing an unprepared squad.

High damaging attacks and abilities are recommended to kill them quickly. On higher difficulties multiples of this enemy can spawn at once, increasing their lethality. Generally, however, the real threat comes from the enemies that accompany a Gourmand. This Tier 1 can soak up considerable punishment, and provide cover for smaller minions to approach and attack.

Ultimately, Gourmands are the easiest of all Tier 1s to deal with. Kite them on predictable patterns so your teammates can unload heavy ordinance on it. The Gourmand's pathing is set to ground, allowing for a player to jump down in elevation to escape.