Directs an orbital satellite to fire a shell down at the target area, offering near-instant, precision 

bombardment. Does NOT hurt air units. 

Each shell does 600 damage, each level improves range.

Shell Stored Max Reload cool down Cost
Level 1 1 40 85
Level 2 2 37 80
Level 3 3 34 75
Level 4 4 32 70
Level 5 5 30 65

Tips and tactics.Edit

This skill isn't as good as other spells in terms of area of effect or damage, but it is near instant and saves lives.

You can use this skill to kill high profile targets such as lickers, leapers, and commandos, you can also use it to pick off hoards to protect team mates whille they focus fire on bosses.

To coordinate movement, use the shift key to queue your move-command immediately after you start the calldown.

Screenshot2013-05-30 23 08 13

An orbital strike.