Directs an offshore warship to fire a rail gun at the target point, dealing high damage in a small radius through pure inertia.  

Energy Cost: 110
Cooldown: 120
Consumes 6 shells.
Deals 24,000 damage.

Tips and tactics.Edit

This is perhaps the hardest ultimate to use, it does high damage in a small area, similar to the anti-tank rockets that the javelin uses.

There are three ways I have found to succesfully call CAS, the first one is the cheapest haha.

Screenshot2013-02-23 01 05 24

You can kiting circles around Gourmands in order to land RG on target.

Basically, when you call RG, kite a gourmand(s) around it until it lands. Unless something else comes up to bother you, you can easily hit it with RG.

Screenshot2013-04-20 21 05 49

By doubling the estimate distance you would usually use to call CAS, you can hit things with RG.

If you want to hit something other than gourmands and you're good at calling CAS, you can try using RG exactly as you would use CAS.       

Screenshot2013-05-30 22 39 28

Barricades behind cacumaun aggro it into the RG.

If you have a team that can stun the boss in place, so that the Rail Gun hits spot on, that would be the best way to go about it.  Have your team use things such as cades or gravity grenades to hold bosses in place.