Soldier skills are basic, general knowledge and proficiency at your profession.  They range from simple physical fitness and weapon proficiency to battle drills and warrior tasks.  

Each point increases fitness, dexterity, and mechanical skills by 2, reduces reload and unjam time by 15% and unlocks specific abilities.


Level 1: Perform Self-AidEdit

  • Heals 35 HP over 10 seconds. Cures Minor Lacerations.
  • Cost: 55 Energy

Level 2: MOS-specific abilityEdit

  • Rifleman - Burst Fire
  • Medic / JavelinGunner / FireSupportSpecialist - Burst Fire and pseudo Marksmanship (+8 dexterity, +2 range, 12.5% chance of double damage)
  • CombatEngineer - pseudo Marksmanship
  • Flamethrower - Fuel converter from energy to ammo
  • AutomaticRifleman- Improved Burst
  • SFAAT / SquadDesignatedMarksman - NONE; not cost-effective (skill-point wise) to level past 1.

Level 3: +.1 Movement and Improved ProneEdit

  • Improved Prone gives +13% damage, +8% attack speed, +1 range

Level 4: Rifle ButtEdit

  • Passively knocks back and damage light-armored enemies.

Tips and tactics.Edit

Rifleman should learn SS right after a few points in marksmanship

Medic/Javelin must always learn SS level 2 somepoint in the game, whether at level 2 or at level 4. The crit is invaluable for a medic to defend her/himself, and the dexterity is priceless for rocket damage.

Combat Engineer will find the mechanical bonus and pseudo marks complement well with his kit.

As for SFAAT and SDM, avoid leveling pass 1, for there are no MOS-specific ability for these two classes and their other skills are much more valuable. However, one point for the reload/unjam and energy is fine.