The assault rifle of the common infantryman was not living up in terms of firepower, so the Styner BR-2 was developed. It is significantly heavier than the original, but provides a higher caliber round with more stopping power.



  • Increases base damage by 55%
  • Increases range by 2


  • Reduces fire rate by 10%
  • Reduces move speed by .05


The Styner may appear in one of the original weapons caches (presumably the sentry cache) and can also be found in random orbital drops during any chapter of the game.


The BR-2 can be used by any rifle user without another weapon, these include the following:


The BR-2 has a higher damage bonus than all other rifles, making it exceptionally useful for riflemen or platoon leaders managing a DPS build. The attack speed reduction can be negated with marksmanship or an Aim-Assist, making it a suitable early-game substitute for the SOF-AR; a notably preferable rifle for DPS builds.


As weapons go this a very common one, with numerous rifle-wielding characters often passing them up in favor of more powerful weapons.