Unlockables are attained by completing the game with certain challenging conditions.  Certain Unlockables require a specific Mode and Modifier to be selected or require that the player be using a specific Military Occupational Specialty.  Unlockables give a player the ability to modify the appearance of their hero unit through the [un] button on the Functional Dialog.


Camouflage unlockables change the pattern of the uniform on a player's Hero unit.

Camouflage Unlock Requirement
Default None
ACUPAT Unknown
CADPAT Unknown
MARPAT Available to active duty military personnel only, with proof.
Night Unknown
Olive Play 75 games.
Red Tiger Complete Nightmare Mode.
SAS Complete Survival Mode with Rifle Modifier.
Woodland Complete Normal Mode.
Woodland Tiger Complete Insane Mode.
Chameleon Complete Nightmare Mode with 1 Life Modifier.
OctoCamo Complete Insane Outbreak Rifle.
Medic Complete Nightmare Epilogue as Combat Medic.
Desert Complete Survival Mode with 2-4 players.
Navy Blue Complete Insane with all missions completed.
ABU Complete PMC Survival Rifle with extraction of all 12 players.
Snow Complete Survival Tier 1 1-Life with 12 players.
Rock Avalanche Complete PMC Survival with 2-4 players.
Gold Play with a developer.
Rain Complete Survival with 2500 kills and no more than 4 hits.
Cyber Unknown
Frost Unknown
Icy Complete Boss Mode.
Snow RA Complete PMC Survival Tier 1 with 2-4 players
Spectre Unknown
BDU Complete PMC Survival Rifle with no Outbreak with 12 players.
Red Steel Only available to UA3 clan. (Korean Server)
Party Be completely stomped in a DTB game by DOOM.
AUC Only available to the AUC clan.
Lightning Unknown
Galactic Complete Solo PMC Survival as Ghost.
Inferno Unknown
Beta Tester Play UAC during the One Giant Leap Part 2 celebration.
Pride Only available to the D4Skin clan.
Hellfire Beat 4 man Boss Mode.
Laser Unknown
Inferno Unknown
Obsidian Unknown
Leopard Unknown
DND Unknown
Sparkle Unknown
Emerald Unknown
ZES Only available to ZES clan.
Scarlet Unknown
Breeze Unknown
Urban Snow Complete Nightmare with no deaths up until the Epilogue.
RNJesus Get Lucky!
Blood Complete Hard+ with 0 hits.


Decal unlockables change the appearance of the shoulder plate of the uniform on a player's Hero unit.

Decals Unlock Requirement
Default None
Bear Claw Unknown
Blue Diamond Complete Survival Mode.
Cavalry Sabers Complete Nightmare Epilogue as Cavalry Scout.
Outlaw Complete Solo Survival Tier 1.
RA Complete PMC Survival.
Ravensword Unknown
Biohazard Complete Hard.
Combat Medic Badge Revive 40 times as Combat Medic.
ZES Only available to ZES clan.
Wolves Unknown
AUC Only available to AUC clan.
Master League Complete Boss Mode.
Green Diamond Have 100+ Survival wins.
Ranger Have 50+ PMC Survival wins.
Dare to Win Complete Hard Outbreak. All players must randomly select MOS.
US Flag Unknown