Radios the FDC to fire willy pete at the target area, dealing 200 damage per second for 20 


Call down: 4.5 seconds
Energy Cost: 100
Cooldown: 180
Consumes 7 shells.

Tips and tactics.Edit

The radius on this ultimate is huge, ever been in one of those games where you're doing laps around the AO with a load of shit behind you, with the lL steadily increasing?

Perfect time to use this, theres not too much to using White phosphorous, if you can use call for fire effectively, you can definitely use this.  Effective versus tier-3s, less so versus tier-1/2s.  Stacks well with smoke.

Screenshot2013-05-30 23 11 12

WP burning mobs as they pass through it, just like plasma grenade but larger and deadlier.